Easter pictures

Hey guys, sorry for posting this so late, I took the pictures for just a few hours ago so that’s why. As I said in my last post I’m posting some kind of easter related post today and on Sunday I’ll post another easterrelated post, but more with information and a imposrtant message then fun pictures as I’m posting today. Anyways guys hope you enjoy this post and stay tuned for the next!

So when I said I was going to post a easter related post I was thinking about some kind of egg hunt with the bunnies, but I didn’t get any good idea of how to do that, so I’m jst posting some cute easterrelated pictures I took today of my bunnies instead!

So since it’s easter soon, I dicided to give my bunnies their daily portion of sallad in easter-eggs instead. I thought it was a fun idea and I had 5 very small easter-eggs from last year, so I just put some aluminum foil inside of the egg and feed them their fresh lettuce in it instead of their bowls. I just thought it could be fun and I’d be able to take some cute pictures. So no matter if you read all these text before, or not here comes the pictures!


As you can see I took my bunnies outside couse I thought I would get a better picture then, the grass is still not even close the green and the trees are still naked!

Sadly Snuttis decided that she didn’t want to eat and ran around and played instead. But she enjoyed eating it when we got back home, tho I don’t have any pictures of that.

Puff is probably the worlds best bunny photo model! He stay if you say it and if you point somewhere he’ll go there or look there even tho I haven’t tryed teaching him that! But my phone litterly had 4% battery left so <i coulkdn’t take so many pictures.

As you can see this isn’t really some quality pictures I got on Stampe, but my phone died so I couldn’t take so many. But at least I got a cute booty pic!

So since Klinga lives inside and it’s still so cold outside I couldn’t bring her out, but she enjoyed her sallad inside as well. Hope you enjoyed this post!

Hugs and bunny kisses Stampe, Snuttis, Klinga, Bella, Puff and their human!


DIY willow ball toy

Sorry that this post is a little later then it’s supposed to, I forgot to prepare it yesterday! But better late the never, right?! So as I said in my last post, I’ll post a diy toy, so no more talking, or wrighting and let’s start!

(It was a joke, I’ll keep on writing) So what you need is: some kind of twigs/sticks (at least 25) (google first so you know if your kind is dangerous for bunnies or not), OPTIONALLY: treats, herbs or a bell to put inside of the toy)

This is just a quick one I made, so it doesn’t look thta good. Also I put some herbs for them to eat in this one.

So all you need to do is take like 5-7 stick and lay them in your hand. Then wrap around a stick around them and keep on with more sticks. When you have used like 10 sticks, take the stick in your hand and wrap at diferent directions. Then try to attach them under the layers of sticks. Then take all the sticks you have left and wrap around and try to attach under the other sticks. Keep on until you have the shape you want. If you want to, you can put in some treats, herbs or a bell at the end.

So that’s it, I hope my explanation wasn’t thta bad, please comment if you don’t understand! Hope you enjoyed this post, on monday I’ll post on all my greens I’m planting for them!

Hugs and bunny kisses Stampe, Snuttis, Klinga, Bella, Puff and their human!


All my cleaning stuff!

I didn’t reall know what to post about today, so I decided to post all my cleaning stuff, for the bunnies. It might seam like a boring post, but if you want to know what to use for cleaning up after rabbits, just keep reading!

So this is all the cleaning stuff I use for my rabbits. Or I acially use apple cider vinecar and vinecar for pee and litterboxes.

So the biggest thing you can see is a mini shovel which I use to shovel hay when I’m to lazy to vacuum. Of course I have a broom for it as well, but it didn’t fit in the picture.

Then I have some plastic bags, right now they are purple but sometimes I switch to pink, white or blue. I just fill them with litter, old hay, fur and poop when I clean after the bunnies.

Then I have a yellow sponge which I use for cleaning litterboxes. I also had anotherone for removing fur (yes it works with sponges, I can post about that if you want) but it’s gone now.

The last thing is 2 washing brushes, one is for litterboxes and one for waterbottles, which I don’t use anymore so I never use that one.

So that’s all of my stuff right now! I’ll get some more stuff, right now I’m trying to find a great fur removing tool, please comment if you have any tips.

So hope you enjoyed this post, on saturday I’ll post some kind of diy, what it will be will be keept a surprise! So stay tuned for that!

Hugs and bunny kisses Stampe, Snuttis, Klinga, Bella, Puff and their human!

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What’s a rabbit supposed to eat? My rabbit’s diet

Before beginning this post, what I’ll whrite is just what I feed my rabbits and you don’t need to feed the exact same stuff! So just keep that in mind while reeding this post and I hope you’ll like it!

First and most important, we have hay! Hay is the most important thing in your rabbits diet and should make up to 80% of it. I usally get my hay from a plant farm (don’t support animal farms) near me, couse that’s the easiest way for me to get fresh hay and it’s also a lot cheaper the to get it from a pet store, which normally don’t even have fresh hay. I use second cut timothy hay for my rabbits which contains a lot of fibrers and is very good for rabbits.

So there is a few other types of hay too. Second cut timothy hay is the most popular one, but there is also first and third cut. ”Cut” means when it’s cut during the year. To read more about the diferent types of timothy hay, click here Then there is also orchard grass, which is a great, seed head free hay, which I would say is the best if you are allergic to hay. Then there is alfalfa hay which is for young bunnies (up to 8 mounths old) or old/week bunnies. There is a few other’s but that’s the most popular onces. If you get hay from apetstore it normally doesn’t say what type of hay it is, at least not here in Sweden, but then it’s normally diferent mixed hay types, mostly orchard grass and some type of timothy hay.

Then I feed my bunnies 1 tablespoon pellets/day (per rabbit of course). I use supremes selective 4+ rabbit pellets, couse all my rabbits are over 4 years old. As you can see on the picture it looks more like poop! I don’t have any picture of the bag couse I always fill up a glass jar with all the pellets and threw away the bag as soon as possible! Also as you can se I have another bowl with water in the picture. A rabbit need unlimited water all the times!

So there is a bunch of diferent rabbit pellets brands, some are good and the most sucks. Make sure not to buy one containing corn, fruit, seeds or sugar which is bad for rabbits and should not be in their pellets. Don’t ever buy pellets from a food market or super market, that pellets is alway very cheap and just crap! You should use a timothy or alfalfa based pellet for your rabbit, I recomend the brand ”supreme” couse they have great pellets with the perfect amount of fibre, proteins and nutrition. To find the best pellets for your rabbits, google a bit (use diferent websites, couse some can be totally wrong), you can ask your vet or someone at the petsore, sometimes they wont give you the best pellet sometimes they just want to sell out some crap so check the ingredients to be sure. There is a bunch of diferent pellets out there for young, old, small, big, fluffy or thin rabbits so it might take some times to find a great pellet, but it’s worth it. Also all the time you’ll see new brands so don’t think once you find a good pellet you’ll just stick with it all the time.


In a rabbits diet you should also have veggies. Green fresh veggies are great for rabbits. I feed my bunnies a lettuce mix of romanie, soem kind of red lettuce (don’t know the english name) and arugula. Then I feed some kind of darker green salad and some kind of non leafy veggie (I take diferent every day) today I used summer squash and parsnip, just a small amount. In the summer I change my veggies couse then I grow my own parsley, wich I feed them istead and I grow my own carrots, so I feed the carrot tops. This year I might even try to grow some lettuce and other veggies, which I’ll of course write about! Here is two list you can read for insperation to what kind of veggies you will fed your rabbits. list 1 list 2 they are pretty much the same, a little diferent to read and diferent imformation so check both and see which one you like!

Then we have herbs. I dry my own herbs (which I can post about if you want to). I dry parsley, dandelion leafs, rasberry leafs and stinging nettle which I mix with my bunnies hay (after giving the hay) or sometimes put it in their bowl. Herbs are very natural and great for bunnies since they contain a lot of vitamins. Just google some herbs and see if bunnies can eat them and see how many and which vitamins they contain.

Last we have treats, which should only be given a few times a week. I feed my bunnies dry fruits, fruits and or alfalfa based treats. Rabbits love it as much as the bad treats, but even if it’s ”good” treats it’s still not that good if you feed it too much!

Hope you enjoyed this post, it took a while to whrite, so I hope you guys liked it. As I said in the beginning your bunnies doesn’t need to eat the same as mine do, under the pictures I wrote both what kind of food I feed them, for example what kind of pellets and under that I wrote what you should think about while finding a pellet for your bunny. So I will probably take some pictures for the last two things on the list, herbs and treats and try find a link for those who want to learn more as soon as possible. So in my next post I’ll show all my cleaning stuff, I know it sound a bit boring but it’s just to show what I use and give insperation to what you can use! As I said hope you liked this post have a nice easter/spring break, if you have easter/springbreak, (I do) if not just keep up whatever your doing, hope you had a great easter!

Hugs and bunny kisses Stampe, Snuttis, Klinga, bella, Puff and their human.



Don’t buy a bunny for easter!

This blog post will be a little more serious the my other posts! Today I’m going to spread a really important message! DON’T BUY A BUNNY FOR EASTER!

When I first saw a post when someone said people need to stop buying bunnies as easter gifts, I was pretty shocked. I had never heard in my hole life that someone would by a rabbit as an easter gift! It’s not that popular in Sweden, but after doing some research I found out that in the Us apperently people selled a lot of bunnies cheap on the streets as ”Easter bunnies”. To be honest I’m not that shocked, I mean I’ve heard before that people take wild turtle babies from the wild and sell on the streets in the Us as well (probably other countries as well) So just so you understand me I don’t hate on the Us or anything like that, I just feel like we need to start treat animals better, in all countries! Under this text written by not so smart me I’ll post some pictures of all these poor easter bunnies that most of the times don’t even survive until their first birthday! If you want to learn more just google ”Don’t buy a bunny for easter” or ”This is why you shouldn’t buy a rabbit for easter” if you as me have a hard time finding good results you can check out ”Lennon the bunny” on youtube and check out their video ”Don’t buy a bunny for easter”.

Bildresultat för kids looking at live easter bunnies
Does this look like a great life for a bunny, that most likely will die before getting a year old?
Bildresultat för kids looking at live easter bunnies
Look how this poor easter bunny was treated! Kids are to rought with animals, especially young kids, what do you think will happend if you give a live rabbit to a 3-year old kid?!

Sorry I had a hard time finding pictures for this post, if I find more I’ll add them! So please remember DON’T BUY A RABBIT, OR CHICKEN FOR EASTER! If you want better pictures and videos check out the video I linked, it’s very good! On Tuesday I’ll post my bunnies diet! hope you enjoyed this post!

Hugs and bunny kisses Stampe, Snuttis, Kinga, Bella, Puff and their human!


New rabbit stuff haul

Finally, yesterday I took a few pictures and now I’m back with a real post that’s not just about me saying sorry! So for a few days ago I bought a some new stuff for my bunnies, which is what I will show you today.

So this is all the fun and tasty stuff we bought.

The first thing and also the bunnies favorite are of course the ”Brit animals alfalfa snack”. As you can see the bag is open couse I did let them try it out before taking the picture. Alfalfa snacks and treats are more healthy then other treats but still as tasty which I love. The treats seamed prety good for being treats, but I’ve never bought from ”Brit animals” before so please comment if you have any opinion about the company.

Price: About 40 sek, which is about 4 dollars/euros for 100g.

Next to the treats you can see a few bells, which I bought them to use in DIY toys to make them even more fun.

Price: About 60 sek, which is 6 dollars/euros for 10 bells.

I also bought a bag of fresh sticks for them to chew on.

Price: About 30 sek, which is about 3 dollars/euros for 10 sticks.

I also bought two carrot toys for them (they were in the same kit). I know they like them since I’ve bought them before but for pretty long ago.

Price: About 25 sek, which is about 2.5 dollars/euros.

I also bought a rainbow colored leash with a harness, couse my bunnies don’t mind wearing harnesses. I’m not sure if I like the pattern, but it’s cute on the buns and was the only one with great material in the store.

Price: About 90 sek, which is about 9 dollars/euros.

The last thing I bought was a ball shaped salad holder. I feed my bunnies salad daily so I thought it could be fun to let them play and try a little harder to get it sometimes.

Price: About 45 sek, which is about 4.5 dollars/euros.

So that’s all for this post, hope you enjoyed it. I’ve taken some other pictures as well, so on friday I will post some kind or easter realted post, so make sure to check that out! If you want to see when I normally post, I’ve been pretty bad at that tho, check out my imformation post!

Hugs and bunnie kisses, Stampe, Snuttis, Klinga, Bella, Puff and me!


I’m back!

Sorry for not posting for a long while! It’s so sad my blog is turning into a bunch of excouses! I am really sorry, I just had so much work in school and been so tierd these latest days, and I have no idea what to post! I will start post again now, as the title says I’m back, but I don’t think I’ll be able to post every second day as promised in the begining. I will try to post 3-4 times a week but I can’t promise anything. Soon it will come a dollar store haul but I really don’t have any ideas and I don’t want to post the exact same stuff as I post on my swedish blog. Please guys if you have any ideas comment them, that would help me so much!

Kisses, from bunnies and human!