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What do you want me to post?

It feels like I haven’t posted anything fun on this blog, what should I post? I have no idea what to post, what do you guys want to read? I’m so sorry all post I’ve made on this website is like info about something, but I have no clue what to post! Please help me guys, I really want to post something fun so you guys have something to read. You can comment here or contact me on the contact tab on this website! If you give me a good idea, I’ll make sure to give you a shoutout on instagram, just don’t forget to tell me yoru instagram name, if you want a shoutout, of course if you don’t want one, just skip that. Hope you guys have a wonderful week, I’ll make sure to post something fun at Valentines day!

Hugs and bunnie kisses, rabbits and human!

Instagram sneakpeak


I’m so sorry I havn’t keept my promise and published anything this entire week, but I’ve been so bussy with something. I’m creating a digital bunny magazine! It’s in swedish, but if it gets popular, I can make it in english, so tell me if you would like that. I don’t have much time, my computer dies soon, but I just wanted to tell you guys why I’ve been gone, I will keep on with the magazine, but now I have more time so I will try to blog as much as possible! My magazine is called Uppnosat so you can just click there to read it, but it is in swedish. Also if you have any ideas for my blog/magazine please comment! sorry again!

Bunny kisses and hugs from the bunnies and me!



Sorry guys, for not posting yesterday! I totally messed up my posting system, the first day… I accedently fell asleep when I was supposed to whrite the post, so that’s why I couldn’t post it. I will keep going with the system tho and try to make it work.  So I’m just posting a quick explanation today, couse I think I owe you one. You guys are the best and I’m really sorry I have nothing better to post today, but towmarrow I will post ”How to remove bunny pee” So I hope you check it out!

Hugs and kisses, All the bunnies and human!



We have decided to post on our blog on 07:00 in the morning (swedish time) every second day. so since this was posted today (thursday) we will post next time at saturday, then monday, then wednesday, then friday, then sunday, then tuesday and then monday again. we hope this will help you so if your intrested in reading our blog, you know when you can find a new blogpost. If you are swedish, you can also check our blog swedish blog there we will post every second day too, the days we don’t post here, so if you want to read about us everyday, you should really check it out.


Our bunnies

So we haven’t really decided if we should post on any special day, but you can comment if you have any suggestions. So in this post I’m going to presentate all the bunnies for thoose who hasn’t found our website through our instagram, which you by the way can find by pressing the instgram icon on or just search for @_thelittlebunny on istagram. So I’m just going to post pictures of my buns and whrite a few words about them.


This is Puff. He is 5 years old and he is 25% dutch rabbit and 75% mini lop. He loves to cuddle and fall asleep in my arms all the time.
This is Snuttis. She is all the rabbits mother, except for Stampe, he’s the father. She Is 8 years old and Is half mini lop and half dutch rabbit. She is very courious and sometimes cuddely.
This is Stampe. The name Stampe is Thumper in english. He is all the rabbits father, except for Snuttis, she’s the mother. He is 9 years old and 100% mini lop. He is the most cuddly rabbit in the world!
This is Bella. She is Puff’s twin. She’s 5 years old and 25% ducth rabbit and 75% mini lop. She is as her mother very courious and sometimes cuddly.
This is Klinga. She is Puff’s and Bella’s big sister. She is 6 years old and as Puff and Bella 25% dutch rabbit and 75% mini lop. She is very timid, but can sometimes be very cuddly aswell.